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Maternity leave

The Pixies’ shops are closed until 17.09.2012. Should you have any questions or comments, please send us a message!

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Pixies Baz’Art

The Pixies have been busy, and now that it’s getting towards the end of their first year out in the open, it’s time to take stock… though they’re more into adding stock than taking any:) but let’s look back at a year in events and creations… Last May in the midst of a beautiful sunny … Continue reading »

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The Pixies have a new want…

Even thought it’s still freezing cold in our part of Europe, the Pixies have been dreaming of Spring adventures and afternoons in the garden, and this is what they want: They are imaging having feasts and goodness knows what kind of celebrations and parties in there when they get back from their travels… there’s … Continue reading »

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this is just a little sample of the stash the Pixies are sitting on… there’s more! Clockwise: soay fleece, soy silk top (golden creamy colour), carbonized bamboo top (black, also called “black diamond” or “black gold”), black Wensleydale fleece (curly dark grey with brownish tips), seacell top (seaweed), Blue Faced Leicester fleece (very tight little … Continue reading »

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