Rusty wool

The Pixies’ latest creation could have been made from Irish setter hair or squirrel fur… or maybe thin wire left out to rust into a perfect mix of brown, gold and copper colours. In a mix of merino wool, mohair, silk ribbons, tulle, and gold angelina the wool batt was spun into a necklace made specially for Zouzou…

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Levitating Pixies

Looking around the room, it’s an interesting sight: the Pixies have got it into their heads that they can levitate – it all started on their last silk seeking trip to Tokyo, where they met the girl who likes to levitate, and who takes pictures of herself as she does so…

People are finding ways to alleviate tension, including the Pixies: “we are all surrounded by social stress as we are bound by the forces of earth’s gravity,” Natsumi (the levitating girl) says when asked why she took on this series of photos. “So, I hope that people feel something like an instant release from their stressful days by seeing my levitation photos.”

Of course, if you’re looking for release, nice soft wool does that, too:)

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Caroline special

A special THANKS from the Pixies to long time friend and supporter Caroline, who put in 3 special orders recently… the Pixies have been designing, dyeing wool, spinning, carding, threading petals, crocheting, sewing, adding beads, lining, redesigning… and today we can proudly present the results: Caroline rose petal statement necklace, and two Splash pouches for glasses … they are on their way in pretty parcels, helped along by our Pixie guard (they travel alongside the parcels, inside the post bags and make sure anything that’s made by Pixies has a better chance to get where it should on time:)

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Working hard

And for those of you out there wondering what happened to the deep blue batt… here it is! The thread that will lead to the next creation…

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Hidden treasures…

Under a creaky floorboard we were set to repair this morning, look what we found! The Pixies are hoarding all kinds of hidden materials in the workshop, and sometimes we have to stumble upon them before they will let us use them. We were delighted to find beautiful enamel beads in a sea theme, perfectly matching the rich blue of the wool batt; there was also a batt in pink. We  just can’t wait for the Pixies to bring us some rose petals to work the pink batt into something really special… Happy days!

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Back from Hong Kong…

It was awfully quiet here for a while… then we realised the Pixies were all away – where had they gone? We hoped they weren’t off anywhere near Egypt… Well, we soon got an answer: they’re back now, beaming and sweating. Yes, they are pleased with themselves: they reckon they’ve found some of the most original, unusual, beautiful purse frames the world has to offer (no, they’re not very modest:) We better get to work now. They say one of our purses has already been sold, so we need a few more in the shop… OK, OK, we have to spin the right wool first!

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The Pixies have a new want…

Even thought it’s still freezing cold in our part of Europe, the Pixies have been dreaming of Spring adventures and afternoons in the garden, and this is what they want:

They are imaging having feasts and goodness knows what kind of celebrations and parties in there when they get back from their travels… there’s no price we have been able to find, but Pixies, you may want to start playing the lottery if you’re hoping for this. Not sure our sales will be able to cover it:)

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the Pixies love these new Liberty designs…

New Liberty collection

Quentin Blake!

Nature inspired is what they do best...

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this is just a little sample of the stash the Pixies are sitting on… there’s more!

Clockwise: soay fleece, soy silk top (golden creamy colour), carbonized bamboo top (black, also called “black diamond” or “black gold”), black Wensleydale fleece (curly dark grey with brownish tips), seacell top (seaweed), Blue Faced Leicester fleece (very tight little curls, lovely and soft), Wensleydale fleece, and finally banana silk.

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