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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Caroline special

A special THANKS from the Pixies to long time friend and supporter Caroline, who put in 3 special orders recently… the Pixies have been designing, dyeing wool, spinning, carding, threading petals, crocheting, sewing, adding beads, lining, redesigning… and today we can proudly present the results: Caroline rose petal statement necklace, and two Splash pouches for … Continue reading »

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Working hard

And for those of you out there wondering what happened to the deep blue batt… here it is! The thread that will lead to the next creation…

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Hidden treasures…

Under a creaky floorboard we were set to repair this morning, look what we found! The Pixies are hoarding all kinds of hidden materials in the workshop, and sometimes we have to stumble upon them before they will let us use them. We were delighted to find beautiful enamel beads in a sea theme, perfectly … Continue reading »

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Back from Hong Kong…

It was awfully quiet here for a while… then we realised the Pixies were all away – where had they gone? We hoped they weren’t off anywhere near Egypt… Well, we soon got an answer: they’re back now, beaming and sweating. Yes, they are pleased with themselves: they reckon they’ve found some of the most … Continue reading »

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