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Posted by on February 8, 2012

My living room is the Pixies’ workshop… or rather the Pixies’ workshop is my living room… as my addiction to fibers grows, my living room seems to shrink…

Last week alone, I had to take part in this fun game organised by Pumpkinhaus.

The idea was to buy a batt (or a skein of yarn) without seeing it, based on  a card. Here’s the one I got :


La escalera

Mmmmmh ! a beautiful blend of merino, targhee, rambouillet, mohair, angelina, firestar, soie sari et bambou… I haven’t dared spin it yet, I just admire it and pet it for now!

I drew a lucky lottery batt which contained a gift voucher ! I was going to save it, but then… well my addiction got the better of me, and I just had to get another batt (which I haven’t received yet)

I also bought this batt from Jazzturtle :



Midnight Garden


Midnight Garden - detail

Made from angelina, Coopworth, Cormo, Merino, mohair, silk and sari silk… again, I’ve only reached the petting stage so far…

And I treated myself to 2 home made batts :


made by Pixies - Yellow



made by Pixies - Yellow, detail



made by Pixies - Pink


made by Pixies - Pink, detail

One day, the Pixies and me, we’ll have a real studio, and then…

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